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Sheer Shades - Denver, CO

Sheer blinds combine the clean design and soft illumination of a shade with the functionality of blinds. The Blind and Shutter Store has many sheer blind window treatment options available in a variety of styles and functions. From breezy fabrics to light-dimming materials, you can maintain privacy with closed blinds and still keep the beauty of the Denver natural light.

We offer products that pair well with metallic-accented vanes and hardware finishes in order to create a sleek, contemporary finish. Some products feature soft fabric vanes attached to sheer backing and allowing them to appear like they’re floating. They transform any room into a showpiece. When closed, they have the same look as a contemporary shade. Motorized sheer blinds offer the ability to control the amount of natural light and privacy with the touch of a button. Radio frequency control even eliminates the need to point the remote at the shade.

Benefits of Sheer Shades

Sheer shades transform harsh sunlight into stunning illumination. They are available in a wide range of casual and luxurious fabrics, including woven, linen, and light-dimming materials. Available for larger, rectangular windows as well as sliding glass doors, sheer blinds add rich texture and work well even for large windows and moving parts.

Sheer shades not only protect against ultraviolet light, but also:

  • Provide precise light control
  • Diminish harsh sunlight
  • Preserve outside views
  • Secure daytime privacy
  • Reflect solar heat

Sheer Shade Options:

Silhouette® Sheer Shades

Adjustable S-shaped vanes between light-diffusing front and back sheer panels.

  • Ultimate light-enhancing shade
  • 150+ fabric/color choices

Pirouette® Sheer Shades

Adjustable, softly contoured fabric vanes with a light-diffusing back panel.

  • Enhances light
  • UV protection
  • 90+ fabric/color choices

Luminette® Sheer Panels

Light-diffusing vertical sheer panels with fully-integrated vertical vanes.

  • Enhances light
  • Adjustable light/privacy control
  • Ideal for large windows
  • 80+ fabric/color choices

At the Blind and Shutter store, we have a variety of sheer blind selections which allows you to choose the shape that fits your window including the style and color. You also have the option to make your sheer blinds motorized and child safe.

If you’re interested in transforming your home with the warm ambiance of sheer window coverings, call 303-834-1020 or fill out the form to find sheers for your Denver area home.